2016 Winner

Daviess County

How My Educational Plans Will Impact My Community

Education opens doors to many opportunities that change our community and an educational plan is the key to opening those doors. My educational plan is to get an agricultural degree and intern on a local farm so I can manage my own farm. Not only will this affect the local community, but the world as well. How better can one have an impact than to have a part, even a small part, of feeding the people of the world? By 2050, it is projected that there will be a need to feed two billion more people. This sounds like a daunting and challenging feat. All farms, big and small, contribute in accomplishing the task to feed the billions of people throughout the world. Using my agricultural education and experience through internship, trial and error on my own farm, and observations of other farms I plan to make agriculture in my community and surrounding area, more productive. This can be accomplished by using resources more efficiently and reducing waste. By lessening the environmental footprint of agriculture, everyone will benefit. Having less pollution, saving energy, and sustaining the environment for the future will allow us to look forward to a better community.

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