Annette Dangerfield, 2010

Green County High School

Teenagers face an increasingly wide array of challenges in today's society. A fluctuating economy has driven many to reconsider the job market, while growing patterns in technology have eliminated the concept of one's personal privacy. Teenagers of the past few decades have grown up believing the world is literally at their fingertips and, until recently, this possibility provided more room for positive opportunities and growth than the alternative. However, the growing need for instantaneous information has yielded a generation of passive teenagers.

The biggest challenge facing today's high school students is a lack of self–motivation. A belief that the world should cater to their every demand dominates the thought processes of most teens and in turn provides the excuse for them to function at slightly less than the world's standard. All teenagers may not exhibit behavior so extreme because sometimes they are simply not pushed to achieve more than expectations allow. In some cases teens truly are motivated enough to reach their potential, but where they succeed others are left to wallow in a mire of self doubt and passivity. In a world subject to the demands of instant gratification, the pace of society has caused an absence of inspiration.

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