Alexandra Horrobin, 2005

Murray High School

Huge, extravagant proms and big, ol' boy athletic departments do not automatically qualify a high school as the best in Kentucky. Substance, not "glitz," is required to earn that title. My school deserves that accolade because it uses all its resources to prepare our students for the real world. We're a small, community–oriented school that focuses on the personal development of each student. My school challenges you to step out of your safety zone. We are encouraged to help others as mentors and tutors. Our classrooms are "labs" for our future where we work, each day, on perfecting our skills. We come from various backgrounds, and will be pursuing different goals, but we're all part of our school, and that means we're one!

We've been very fortunate to have gathered numerous awards in our 125–year history. Notably, my school is the only high school, in the United States, to have been chosen to participate in the International Space Station. Our strength is in the diversity of our student body. We've been prepared to play a big role in this world and motivated to explore the opportunities that life has to offer.

Can you say the same about your school?

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