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Selecting a School

Ten Things You Should Think About When Choosing A School

Some students grow up knowing where they want to go to college, which is great. But if you’re undecided, these are the things you might want to look at before choosing a school.

  1. Career goals: If you know what you want to major in, that helps narrow the search. Make sure you pick a school that has a good reputation.
  2. School size: You can choose from small colleges to huge universities. Which you choose depends on what’s important to you.
  3. Where the school is: You have lots of choices. Do you want a school in a large city with lots to do, or do you prefer a small-town or even rural setting?
  4. How far from home: You might want to go far away from home, live at home to save money, or choose somewhere in between.
  5. How much it costs: Colleges don’t all cost the same. Community colleges aren’t expensive, but selective private colleges and many for-profit colleges can be.
  6. Financial aid: How much financial aid you get can influence whether you choose an expensive or inexpensive college. It can also influence whether you stay in Kentucky or go out of state, because your KEES awards can’t be used everywhere outside Kentucky.
  7. Extracurricular activities: Do you want to play sports, be in the band or do some acting? Some schools may provide more chances than others. Some may even offer you a scholarship to participate.
  8. Special programs: Maybe you’d like to study abroad for a year or work on an archaeology dig. Which schools offer those opportunities may influence your decision.
  9. Who else goes there: Not all schools have the same kind of student body. Some are more diverse in terms of race and national origin. Some are affiliated with a certain religious denomination.
  10. Where you feel right: Pay attention to your gut reaction. You need to go where you feel comfortable.