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Planning for College

Precollege Curriculum Checklist

Source: Kentucky Department of Education

You need to take these classes if you plan to attend a four-year Kentucky public university.

Subject Credits Required
Language Arts 4 credits: English I, II, III, IV or AP English
Mathematics* 3 credits: Algebra I, Algebra II, geometry
Science 3 credits: to include life science, physical science and earth/space science (at least one lab course)
Social Studies 3 credits: U.S. history, economics, government, world geography and world civilization
Health 1/2 credit
Physical Education 1/2 credit
History and Appreciation
of Visual and Performing Arts
1 credit history and appreciation of visual and performing arts or another arts course that incorporates such content or students may earn the credit for specialization in an art form
Foreign Language 2 credits or demonstrated competency
Electives 7 credits (5 rigorous)*

* Students must take math all four years of high school. The fourth math class can be counted as an elective.
** Rigorous electives should have academic content at least as challenging as the courses required in the minimum diploma requirements. Electives should be in social studies, science, math, language arts, arts and humanities, foreign language, and above the introductory level in agriculture, industrial technology, business, marketing, family and consumer sciences, health sciences, and technology education and career pathways, Electives in physical education and health are limited to one-half unit each.