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College Life

Parent Orientation

Most four-year schools offer orientation sessions for incoming freshmen and many schools offer orientation to parents of incoming freshmen. It’s an offer you should take advantage of, especially if this is the first time you’ve sent a child off to college or if it’s a different college than the one an older child attended.

Parent orientation should answer any questions and concerns you have about entrusting your child to the school. Topics covered may include:

  • Health services.
  • Campus safety.
  • Housing and meal plans.
  • Things your student needs to bring to campus.
  • Financial aid.
  • Resources available on campus.

You'll probably be given a lot of information, and most campuses will have parent orientation separate from student orientation. Some of the information will overlap, but students and parents also need different information.

If you have questions, ask them during orientation or make a note to contact the appropriate person later.