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College Life

How to Keep Your Professors Happy

Your professors are important in how well you do in college, so it’s wise to keep them happy. Here are some things that will get you on their good side:

  • Go to class. Show up every day, on time, and don’t leave early unless you have to. If you have to miss, be late or leave early, let the professor know ahead of time.
  • Take part in class. Most professors don’t want to stand up in front of class and talk the whole time. In fact, class participation is often a well–defined part of your grade. So, make comments and ask questions when the professor lets the class know it’s time to do so. Ask good questions, though. Asking a professor if you’re going to have to read for a literature class isn’t a good question.
  • Be respectful. Don’t talk on your phone, don’t text your friends, don’t listen to your iPod during class.
  • Drop by your professor’s office. This is an extension of taking part in class. It shows the professor that you’re interested. It’s especially important if you have questions about grades, tests and papers. Privacy laws won’t let a professor tell you why someone got an A and you got a C, but your professor can tell you how you can raise your grade from C.
  • Don’t make excuses unless they’re legitimate. Professors, if they’ve been teaching for awhile, have heard just about every excuse there is. Being in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy is legitimate. Staying up late to watch a ball game isn’t.