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College Life

How to Have a Great Freshman Year

You’re starting a new adventure, so make the most of it by having a great freshman year. Here are some tips for making it great:

  • Make new friends. It’s easy to do — you’ll have lots of chances to make friends with people in your dorm and classes.
  • Keep yourself healthy. It’s important to eat right, get enough sleep and get some exercise beyond walking to class. Most campuses have gyms and workout centers where you can keep in shape.
  • Deal with being homesick. Making new friends will help. So will keeping in touch by phone, text or email. Write out your feelings, or, if you’re into visual art, draw them out. You don’t have to share them, but you’ll find that expressing them helps you deal with them.
  • Take care of your grades. It’s not much fun stressing out over tests and papers by putting them off to the last minute. Studying some each day will keep you from having to cram the night before.
  • Have fun. There’s more to college than classes. Join a club, play intramural sports, go to plays and concerts. All those things can help relieve stress and give you fond memories of campus.