Shelby Branam, 2008

Menifee County High School

My small school is located in the hills of Eastern Kentucky with a student population of approximately three hundred. Everyone attending is like members of a family. We all know each other on a personal level. Being so small and close–knit allows us to receive a better education and form long lasting friendships that will remain strong for many years to come. Our classes are small and we have a small student to teacher ratio. Teachers are able to form relationships with students that will inspire and encourage us after graduation. Most students in our school system live in poverty. This is usually a negative aspect of Eastern Kentucky, but it molds us into humble human beings that appreciate the small things in life and we are more grateful for an education that most students take for granted. As a member of the varsity soccer team, I understand the hard work it takes for our school to win and be respected by our larger competitors. We have to work harder than most, thus instilling a good work ethic into the students that play sports. These things make my school the best in the state.

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