Laura Burns, 2007

Boyle County High School

High school is an unforgettable experience. Whether they are fun–filled years or a less enjoyable time in life, the experiences and opportunities gained in high school leave lasting effects on a person. Four crucial years in adolescence establish the basis on which a young person will build their life. Learning to balance friends and grades and responsibilities in high school are vital skills for the future lives of young people. Nestled in a small, beautiful town, my school provides the perfect setting to develop those skills.

My high school prepares students for college ad careers with outstanding teachers, supportive staff, and endless opportunities for students to discover what they want out of life. Yes, we have dozens of awards for sports championships and academic achievement, but my high school provides something more. While we understand the tremendous value of education, we also believe in creating better people, in creating confident citizens for the country and world. Achievements in high school years are not only to record on a transcript, but are to provide students with morals, values and goals which will lead them to success. The curriculum in my high school creates mature, responsible citizens ready for whatever life may bring.

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