Megan Stewart, 2006

Trimble County High School

Crowded classrooms, limited course offerings and a 48% free and reduced lunch student populations…These are realities in my school, but they are not the characteristics by which my school is defined.

My school is best defined by our principal who willingly sacrifices her Sunday afternoons to tutor students struggling with pre–calculus. My school is the teacher who gave up her planning period to provide an additional science class. My school is our custodian who voluntarily parks cars and bakes apple dumplings for various team fundraisers. My school is a group of students raising money for fibromyalgia research. My school is a counselor who pushes aside paperwork rather than the students who need her. My school is active parent volunteers who diligently work to fund our sports programs, host college fairs and sponsor other positive activities. My school is an entire body of students, teachers, and other staff members supporting one another during the tragic loss of a schoolmate. My school is a diverse group of people who, regardless of circumstances, continue to engage in learning, leadership development, and positive growth. My school is truly the BEST school in the state of Kentucky.

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