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Money Management

It’s Money, Baby

Managing their personal finances is a major problem for many people. KHEAA’s online version of It’s Money, Baby shows students how to manage their paychecks, the difference between debit and credit cards, how to avoid identity theft, and other things they need to know.

Take a minute to view the It’s Money, Baby videos, designed to enhance your money management skills.

Here are some additional helpful resources:


  • Peter Pig - Children ages 4 to 7 learn how to sort and count coins.
  • MoneyMetropolis - Students ages 7 to 12 learn to make real-life decisions that affect their virtual bank account based on their choices in a multidimensional world.
  • Road Trip - Players take a four-week road trip to try to reach financial stability. If they don’t, they lose their wheels.
  • Money Topia - Players try to build up their net worth by making wise financial decisions until they can afford to pay for their big dream.
  • Gen i revolution - Students undertake interactive missions involving characters facing a financial crisis so that students can learn personal finance concepts.
  • Countdown to Retirement - See how the career and financial choices you make will affect your retirement.
  • Cash Puzzler - Complete a jigsaw puzzle to make a picture of a dollar bill and learn about money.

Online Resources