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KHEAA-Administered Programs

Kentucky Coal County College Completion Scholarship

The Kentucky Coal County College Completion Scholarship provides financial assistance for residents of Kentucky's coal‐producing counties to complete their first bachelor's degree.

  • Students must:
    • Be U.S. citizen
    • Be permanent residents of a Kentucky coal‐producing county.
    • Have earned at least sixty (60) credit hours toward completion of their first bachelor's degree.
    • Be enrolled at least half‐time in a bachelor's degree program.
    • Be in good academic standing.
    • Have no past due financial obligations to KHEAA.
  • The 2018-2019 award amounts are:
    • Up to $7,940 per year at nonprofit, independent institution located in a coal-producing county;
    • Up to $2,680 per year at public university extension campus located in a coal‐producing county;
    • Up to $3,970 per year at public or nonprofit, independent institution whose main campus is in Kentucky, but not in a coal‐producing county.*

    *KCCCCS funds may be awarded at an institution that is not located in a coal‐producing county only if an eligible student is pursuing an approved bachelor's degree program in a field of study that is not offered at any institution located in a coal‐producing county.

  • Application:
    • The 2018-19 year Kentucky Coal County College Completion Scholarship application is now closed.
    • Funding for the KCCCCS program is not available for the 2019-20 year. Therefore, the program is subject for termination when the 2018-19 year closes in June 2019.